my friend had one of those gas powered Razor scooter type things and I took it for a ride down his street to the end of the block. A Yonkers cop in a Crown Vic sees me, flies up on me with lights and sirens on and initiates a traffic stop! He took my license and ran it and I explained it wasn't mine I just wanted to… » 1/11/15 9:41am 1/11/15 9:41am

My 1986 Saab 900 turbo flatnose (first of the Saab convertibles made, one of less than 400 produced for one per dealer. Even more rare, mine is actually a stick when most were autobox) earned a 61-70%. I doubt my 9000 Aero or 9-3 SE will score as high. » 1/09/15 4:59pm 1/09/15 4:59pm